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Monday, October 01, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti to improve braking system of Maruti Swift

Nothing and no one is perfect and this applies to India’s most popular hatchback Maruti Swift as well. But Maruti has decided to make it perfect. In this effort, the car maker will be doing some changes to the braking system of the car to improve the braking at low speeds. As per the sources information, the car maker has received various reports and issues related to under braking at low speeds. The complaints of such kind were dispersed but a large number of customers have complained about it. In order to improve braking at low speeds, the car maker will be making some changes to the software. Meanwhile, the issue has not been acclaimed as fit for a recall and the company will be improving it in all new Swift cars produced.  

Maruti Swift Pictures

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Media reports and some posting on different media sites suggest that more and more people have experienced that in the intense city traffic when the Swift is at snail pace speed of around 10 -15 kmph the driver finds the brake pedal to turn stiff and loss of braking. This increases the hazards of collision as despite of repeated pressing of the brake pedal the car fails to stop. However, the severity of collision is low due to the low speed but it is a mysterious situation for the car drivers to find a situation of near brake failure. It is said that such reports have marred the image of the Swift and people are looking for alternatives such as Tata Indica Vista, Skoda Fabia, Chevrolet Beat Diesel and other cars.  


Maruti Swift Pictures

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This minor glitch has earlier been pointed out to Maruti as well but then as well the car maker denied any such fault but as the complaints have risen, the car maker has decided to improve braking of all new Swift produced in India. This will help the car maker retain the position of the car in the Indian car market.

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