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Friday, March 08, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Maruti’s Gujarat plant construction to start soon

What if the domestic demand for cars slows down as the car makers have witnessed a sharp increase in exports. The best example is Maruti India that as though witnesses a decline in domestic car sales but it has got an increase in exports. Sensing this factor, the car maker will be pumping in money to boost exports from India. In order to take care of production of export oriented cars, the car giant is coming up with a new plant. It will be set up in Gujarat and very soon the construction at the plant will commence. It is said that it is here that all the export cars including Maruti A Star will be produced. The annual production capacity of the plant will be around 2.5 lakh cars. The plant will be a boon to Maruti as it is very near to some of the major ports.

Maruti A-Star Photo

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Meanwhile, when the car maker is planning high for exports, its domestic sales are on the downside. Even the small car segment has witnessed a decline and overall as well the car maker’s sales were down in February as well. But at the same time, the sales figures indicate a boost in exports. Also, Maruti’s parent Suzuki plans to build India as its production hub for export oriented cars and as per recent information, ten new cars will be built in India which will be solely for export.

Maruti Ertiga Pictures

Currently, Maruti has a production capacity of 1.5 lakh cars annually and with the new plant in place the capacity will be more than double. Also, production of new cars in India will result in Maruti launching new cars in India in almost all the segments. It is believed that the production of Maruti XA Alpha, Maruti Ertiga and A Star besides other cars will commence there once the plant is ready.

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