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Friday, March 02, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Mercedes Benz B class compact Sports Tourer hatchback soon in India at below Rs 25 lakh

The Mercedes Benz B class compact Sports Tourer is heading to India after its plans of US launch are in a revision mode. The Rs 25 lakh Mercedes Benz A Class based sports hatchback is soon to be launched in India. The Germans are trying their best to price the car even less than this price. The 1498cc, 4 cylinder car was launched way back in 2005 and since then it has stormed the car market across globe. The Mercedes B Class along with the A Class siblings are the only two cars in Mercedes stable that are front wheel powered.  

Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

See More Mercedes Benz B Class Photos Get Mercedes Benz B Class Price

Compared to the A Class, the Mercedes B Class is larger in size and has been a common appearance on roads as it is almost seven years of its launch. The B Class shares the engine and suspension with the A Class and is a front wheel drive vehicle. After it was launched in 2005, the B Class big hatch soon made Canada and Europe its home. A US launch after a launch in Mexico is under revision and it is expected that the sports tourer will first make India its home. The exact launch date is however unknown. But opinions suggest that it should be somewhere this year.  


Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

See More Mercedes Benz B Class Photos Get Mercedes Benz B Class Price

The spots tourer car by Mercedes will help boost Mercedes car sales and it will be a great opportunity for the Germans to launch this car in India. If Mercedes is able to price it below Rs 25 lakh, auto experts are sure that the new big hatchback will take the market by storm. At this pricing, it will be the most affordably priced car by the Germans as well. All the more, the B Class is expected to enter into India in a completely knocked down state and thus it will be beneficial for both the car maker as well India who can see it to be priced less. It will be assembled at the Chakan plant. Experts say that with a length of 4.3 meter, the B Class will not qualify for tax rebates otherwise it would have been the most attractively priced car by Mercedes. Overall, the car is easy to drive, park and take along.

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