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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Mercedes Benz car to be dearer from Jan 14

There are only eleven more days left before the German car maker Mercedes Benz will be increasing the price of its cars in India. Thus those who wish to buy Mercedes Benz C Class and Mercedes Benz E Class sedans or the Mercedes Benz M Class SUV or any other Mercedes car this January must hurry and should book their car right now. As per the official statement issued by the German car giant and once the top player in the luxury car segment, it will be increasing the price of its cars by 1 to 3 percent from January 14. Notably, this price rise is commensurate with the trend in the industry when car makers go for a marginal price hike.


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As part of the price rise, all the Mercedes cars will witness price rise. The B Class and the SLK Class, R Class and SLS AMG price in India will be increased by only 1 percent while the best selling sedans – C Class and E Class will witness a price hike by 1.5 percent. It is the S Class sedan and the M Class SUV that have the sharpest price rise to the tune of 3 percent. The car maker has said in its statement that the reasons behind this price rise are rising input costs, fluctuation of rupee to Euro ratio, high interest rates and a large number of other factors. These are the obvious reasons that have prompted almost all the car makers in India to schedule a price rise of their cars in this month. 


Mercedes Benz M Class Pictures

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Meanwhile, in order not to let the Mercedes customers suffer, the car maker has come up with various financing schemes floated by its financial arm – Mercedes Benz Financial Services. In addition to the price rise declaration, the car maker has also announced its car sales in 2012 that stood at 7138 wholesale units. The best selling cars by the car maker include the S Class. In the meantime, the car maker also said that the M Class SUV has got excellent response in India and it has bookings until May this year. 

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