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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG launch next week

This year the first major update that is coming from Mercedes Benz stable is the launch of the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG SUV. It is believed that the launch will be on February 19. Where the new SUV will be replacing the G55 AMG model, it will also be adding some of the most sought after features to the car. Apart from new engine options, the new Mercedes Benz car also promises top notch performance as well as a new distinction to the segment it caters to. This is also believed to help the SUV in gaining an upper hand over its two other German rivals – BMW and Audi. However, little do the experts in the industry expect that there are seldom any takers from a Rs 1.2 crore car, it could only add to the brand image and not to the sales numbers.  

Mercedes Benz G Class Pictures

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The Gelande Wagen based SUV with a lot of design inspirations from it has now made its place in the homes of many since its launch a decade ago. This off roading car has been imbibed with sufficient power that can really take it out of any terrain and conquer it with ease. The 5.5 L petrol engine with twin turbo technology outputs 760 Nm of torque. In addition to this, the four wheel drive system easily transmits the power to the wheels and the seven speed automatic gearbox makes sure that that not a drop of power is wasted.  

Besides, despite being an off roader, the top speed of this car i.e. limited to 210 kmph is sufficient to shame any of the sports cars. Boxy in appearance, the new G63 AMG has all that an off-roading car needs. In addition of the new engine, new technology has also taken the front seat in G63 AMG with a lot of fuel saving measure. It is said that the new SUV is economical to run by 13 percent. However, a car that is worth Rs 1.2 crore has little meaning whether it returns low mileage or high mileage.

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