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Friday, January 04, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Mercedes Benz India becomes the ‘Most Exciting Brand’

Mercedes Benz India has been acclaimed as the ‘Most Exciting Brand’ by Brand Equity and Nielsen. This is a huge success for the brand after it was dethroned by BMW and further down to the third pedestal by Audi India in the luxury car segment lately. What if not at the numero uno position in sales, Mercedes Benz has secured a position in the hearts of people. So what really has made the German car giant the most exciting brand in the country. Is it the recently launched Mercedes Benz B Class which is the least expensive Mercedes car in India or is it the Mercedes Benz C Class or M Class that have added to the popularity of the brand.  

Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

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The latest survey by Brand Equity took into consideration opinion of young generation aged 15 to 24 and those living in the metro cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata. A majority of them responded in favor of Mercedes as their favorite brand. Experts believe that Mercedes is a car that is most loved in Delhi, Punjab and Mumbai and it is said that Ludhiana in Punjab has the highest number of Mercedes cars. Thus if the survey would have included young respondents from Punjab, the brand could have earned more points. Meanwhile, the survey has also concluded Mercedes to at the ninth position in all categories.

Mercedes Benz C Class Pictures

See More Mercedes Benz C Class Photos Get Mercedes Benz C Class Price

Now that the B Class is there in India priced at Rs 21.49 lakh, it is highly affordable for people to drive home a brand new Mercedes car. Thus by targeting the under Rs 25 lakh luxury car segment, the car maker has done the right thing and the other rivals such as BMW and Audi are soon to follow suit. Though Mercedes cars have always been the dream car of Indians since 1886 when the brand was first officially introduced in the country. But at that time, the Mercedes cars were considered to be in the reach of the thoroughly rich only. Now that the three pointed star brand has brought its cars within the reach of a large section of the society it is believed that it will be able to attain its lost title in the near future.

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