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Saturday, December 15, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Mercedes Benz India new CEO - Mr. Eberhard Kern

There is too much happening going on as far as Mercedes Benz India is concerned. First the car maker lost its top slot to BMW India and then it was further pushed to the third position by another German Audi. But the car maker retaliated and has changed its perception of India. It has realized that it is the under Rs 25 lakh segment that needs to be hit in order to get some quick success. The launch of the 2012 Mercedes Benz B-Class in India at Rs 21.49 lakh is one of the several measures it took recently. But behind the wheels and under the hood there has been a major change. Mr. Eberhard Kern succeeds Peter Honegg as the new CEO of Mercedes Benz India.


Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

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With Kern as the new MB India Chief, it is believed that there will be a new strategy in place that will help the car brand to fight back and recoup the loss and then station return its lost fame and title. In India, things went bizarre for the car maker as soon as BMW took over and Audi India with the help of Audi A4 and Audi A6 besides the Audi Q3 SUV further pushed it to the third pedestal in the luxury car market. In addition to this, the car maker is also expected to face competition with Volkswagen.


Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

See More Mercedes Benz B Class Photos Get Mercedes Benz B Class Price

Globally, the car maker is improving itself in terms of sales and in November it recorded a jump of 5.7% and sold 120,346 luxury cars worldwide with Germany tops the list of best market for its cars. The A-class, Mercedes Benz B-class, Mercedes Benz G-class, Mercedes Benz C-class, S-class were in high demand and it has led the car maker to attain some good numbers this year. Meanwhile, the luxury car giant has project to take the front seat and regain its lost title by financial year 2015-16 as by that time many of its under Rs 25 lakh cars will be launched in India and its sales will improve considerably.

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