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Monday, January 02, 2012

By Pranjal Gera

Mercedes-Benz India to launch mb. Inspired!

Year 2012 and Auto Expo ’12 is a great combination for car industry in India. Where it will bring in new cars to the nation, it will also introduce India to new technology as well. And it would not be an exaggeration to call Mercedes Benz a pioneer in this field. Mercedes Benz will be introducing ‘mb’ which is a platform in the form of a magazine (both online and imprint version) that will showcase the present culture besides the way people live these days. The editors and contributors of Mercedes Benz mb! may not be drivers of any Mercedes Benz cars.

Mercedes Benz A-Class Pictures

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The Mercedes Benz mb will be giving a glimpse of the events that are behind the scenes. Moreover, it will be a platform that will be taking its visitors to interesting events and will also showcase the work of creative minds. The creation can or may not be related to Mercedes Benz cars. Besides, it will report from around the world on the latest in fashion, design, culture, mobility and travel. Among the stuff on cars, the Mercedes Benz mb will be a place which will provide its readers excellent stuff to read and share.

Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

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Any event, any happening that has a sense of creativeness in it could be a part of mb. The editorial will be very strict in the choice of articles and stuff and will be providing the readers with things that will create an impulse and overwhelm the readers with information. There will be articles, images and a collection of entertaining videos that are unseen anywhere. Even Mercedes Benz claims that it will be providing event photos that you must have seen anywhere but the angle will be different from the rest so that you can enjoy the creation.

This will be a new innovation by the automotive giant and will be apart from the efforts in promoting its product offerings. In India, Mercedes Benz aims the young and energetic generation to in the list of those admiring the mb inspired initiative. Debashis Mitra, Director, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India reportedly said that “mb. Inspired! is an initiative to bring the new generation to Mercedes Benz. The mb initiative will help Mercedes Benz India in communicating the brand value to its customers in a better way, added Mitra.

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