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Friday, January 06, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

Mercedes Benz plans to make more cars locally to benefit its customers

Mercedes-Benz is rethinking over its strategy of doing business in India. The Magnate Luxury Car maker is planning to make more Cars locally which will eventually strongly influence the pricing of its cars. Besides it will also enhance its promotion & growth in the Market. The market of luxury cars in India is very rapid & the trends change almost with each coming day. The three Big shots of luxury sedans in Indian market are well known with the prospects & scopes of this market & are always geared up to face the upcoming challenges in the competitive Industry. Mercedes-Benz's this USP will make the car maker save a surplus amounts on local taxes which will in turn benefit the customers.

Mercedes Benz S-Class Pictures

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Mercedes-Benz will be coming up with more new Cars with price tags ranging from Rs 20 lakh to a massive Rs 3 Crore next.  Besides, the company will be focusing strongly on investing in its Chakan plant. This ascent will let the Car manufacturer to assemble more of its cars from CKD (Completely Knocked Down) kits. Despite of 2011 being a sluggish year for the company in terms of volume the luxury car segment hasn't retarded. Surprisingly, Mercedes Benz is anticipating a 35 % hike in its luxury car segment by the end of 2012.

Mercedes Benz M Class Pictures

See More Mercedes Benz M Class Pictures Get Mercedes Benz M Class Price

The 2012 Mercedes Benz M class is one out of the many new Cars to be unveiled by Mercedes. This Luxury sedan has got a great capacity which will let it rule & lead ahead of the German triad. The other two luxury Car makers BMW and Audi are set to give a tough competition to Mercedes with the launch of their New Car models in India. The German Trio will be introducing many Fresh cars that are expected to create sensation in the market and so all eyes will now be on the lower end of the luxury car segment. Despite, the Mercedes Benz still reins the other end of the spectrum where the S-Class leads. The Mercedes Benz S Class will therefore be imported to India as Semi Knocked Down.  

Mercedes-Benz will also start up with a new MLClass SUV & a new car model ranging from Rs 20-25 lakh. This new model is anticipated to be the GLC & it to be a competitor of the BMW X1. Mercedes is now hoping for an early launch of the GLC. Besides, luxury limousine is also expected to be assembled in the coming year.

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