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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

By Kamal Swami

Mercedes Benz to explore the family of its C-Class family

Mercedes Benz is mulling expansion of its strong-selling C-class family. Thomas Weber, head of development, said that the manufacturer has “some other ideas” for further variants beyond staple offerings such as a new sedan and estate, and imminent coupé and cabriolet body styles. Weber also confirmed that the next Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV, expected in 2015, will also get the underpinnings of the C-Class. The GLK SUV will also be offered in right-hand drive for the first time. There are two main factors that have made more derivatives possible from the C-class technology. The first is the flexible MRA (modular rear-wheel-drive architecture) that underpins the new C-class car, and offers the manufacturer the opportunity to produce new body styles more quickly and more economically than in the past.
Mercedes Benz C Class Front View Picture
The other factor is that C-class variants are now built at four production plants around the world – Bremen in Germany, East London in South Africa, Beijing in China and Tuscaloosa in the USA – and this gives Mercedes plenty of scope for extra production capacity.“There are some other ideas and it is clear going forward with four plants, that is a clear message that we will grow,” said Weber. “We are not only going for growth in the current segments. We are always looking to see if there are remaining niches which could generate profitable growth and business.”
Mercedes Benz C Class Front View Side Picture
The Beijing plant produces a long-wheelbase version of the Mercedes-Benz C-class saloon, although Weber said this model would remain exclusive to the Chinese market for the imminent future.The outgoing C-class model, which was launched in 2007, sold 165,194 units in the UK. The estate accounted for 33,038 of those sales, along with 113,984 sedans and 18,172 coupés.
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Source: Hindustan Times.

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