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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Mercedes Benz to launch 5 compact cars by 2015, total 10 cars coming to India in the next 3 yrs

German car company Mercedes Benz seems to have enthusiastic plans more than expected. Now reports have come in that Mercedes India will be launching five compact cars in the next three years. These Mercedes cars are expected to target the premium segment and will help the car maker regain its position in the luxury car segment in the country. Besides this, in all there will be ten new Mercedes car coming to India in this period. Notably Mercedes currently lacks any offering in the compact car segment and has its line up dominated by premium sedan, saloons and SUVs.

Mercedes Benz B Class Pictures

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In order to realize this, Mercedes will be investing hugely as well. As per the estimate, the company will be setting up a new paint shop and production line for Mercedes Benz B Class, Mercedes Benz A Class hatches and Mercedes Benz ML and Mercedes Benz GL Class SUVs. Besides, the company will be opening up new dealerships in the country. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars has reportedly said that the car company sees a great potential in the Indian market and thus there will be a good demand for A Class and B Class hatchbacks.

Mercedes Benz A-Class Pictures

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However, the expansion plans for India are on the paper right now and will be put to the approval of the management board but it is believed that these will be passed in toto sensing that there is immense growth potential in India. With the entry of compact cars in India, Mercedes hopes to double its sales and touch 15,000 unit sales. Currently Mercedes sells over ten products including Mercedes Benz C Class, CL Class, CLS Class, E Class, GL Class, M Class, R Class, S Class, SL Class and SLK Class. Recently it has introduced a low priced edition of Mercedes Benz S Class at Rs 77.05 lakh. Experts believe that with the addition of A Class and B Class hatchbacks in the line up, Mercedes will be able to touch the premium segment and thus will have greater potential to grow further. Moreover, Mercedes could think of exporting the A and B Class cars from India post their production starts in the country.

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