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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Mitsubishi Pajero Heart-In-Mouth Rally in Vadodara

Gujarat's industrial city Vadodara witnessed the Mitsubishi Pajero Heart-in-Mouth Rally which truly enthralled Pajero fans. After a successful event in north India, this rally was carried out in Vadodara. The first rally was held in Ludhiana, then in Delhi, which were both highly successful. In Vadodara, many Mitsubishi Pajero owners and fans from around Vadodara, gathered at the venue and put their SUVs on tough tests through extremely tough terrain.

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The Pajero Heart-In-Mouth rally was experienced by participants through 45km off-road track, which had extremely challenging driving conditions that included up hill and down hill gradients, dirt roads, and mud and slush patches. About twenty five Mitsubishi Pajeros and five Mitsubishi Monteros were part of this rally. This rally by Mitsubishi was flagged-off by Mr. Yoshiaki Wada, who is the Head of Marketing and Channel Development at HM-Mitsubishi. He said that Mitsubishi Pajero has a cult status worldover, and its owners are forming Pajero groups and clubs. According to him, the main idea behind this rally called the Heart-in-Mouth rally is to gather the fans of this SUV where they can experience the Pajero. He also stated that Gujarat is Mitsubishi's important market and it has a strong customer base here, mainly for its SUV Pajero.

The Mitsubishi Heart-in-Mouth rally would also be held in cities like Pune, Coimbatore and Bangalore, in upcoming months. This event targeted at giving the owners and fans of Pajero, an opportunity of exploring the limits of Mitsubishi Pajero, which is famous worldover, for its excellent all-terrain capabilities.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good news for Pajero Fans..!

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