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Friday, August 10, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Audi A4 L for China

The Chinese car bazaar has welcomed a brand new Audi A4 L. To cater to the needs of its consumers, the firm launched the Audi A4 with a longer wheelbase particularly for the Chinese car bazaar. The new Audi A4 sedan is called Audi A4L. This new variant of the sedan will now make it easy for the consumers who wish to have more legroom on the rear cabin of the car. The new variant of Audi A4 sedan in China now has about 6 cm longer wheelbase as compared to the normal A4 sedan that provides more legroom.

Audi A4 Pictures

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The chauffeur driver consumers will certainly have the luxury to enjoy much more legroom and comfort at the rear seats. The price tag of the new Audi A4L begins from 2.72,800 Chinese Yuan to 578100 Yuan, which turns out to be Rs. 24 lakh to Rs. 50.20 lakh in Indian Rupees.

Audi A4 Pictures

See More Audi A4 Photos Get Audi A4 Price

Apparently, the Chinese car consumers give a very high priority to the comfort and space for the rear seats as compared to any other feature in the car. Therefore, launching Audi A4 sedan with a longer wheelbase certainly makes sense. This would also give a hike in the Audi Sales in the country. Even Rolls Royce, which is one of the most luxurious car makers in the world, is offering car models with longer wheelbase.

Audi A4 Pictures

See More Audi A4 Photos Get Audi A4 Price

As far as the technical specifications of the new Audi A4L are concerned, the car has three petrol engine options, 1.8litre TFSI churning out 160PS of peak power; 2.0Litre of TSFI engine producing 210PS of power and lastly the 3.0litre of petrol motor generating 270PS of maximum power. As seen above, the only major change done to the sedan is the longer wheelbase thereby providing better legroom for the rear seat passengers and revamped steering wheel design.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

I have always been a fan of Audi's cars, and now that I have bought one, I am so happy. This car is just 'AMAZING'.

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