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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

New BMW X1 launch nearby

The best selling BMW SUV – BMW X1 has seen good times since its launch. Soon after the new X1 launch at the 2012 New York Motor Show, the world has eagerly awaited for a series of launches in other parts of the world. As per the latest reports, BMW X1 launch in China has been slated to be on November 12 while it has been launched in Malaysia already and an India launch is round the corner. The BMW SUV X1 is also a best selling car in India and it takes on SUVs such as the most recent SUV addition Audi Q3. The present model of the X1 is priced at Rs 22.40 lakh and the new model is expected to get a little appreciation in price.

BMW X1 Pictures

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As part of the design changes, the new X1 has now all that a robustly built SUV must have. It is said that the new X1 is not an entirely new car and the new model is just a touch of newness here and there only. The design changes ranging from new front bumper, new grille to all new headlamps and tail lamps are the major facelift areas. This facelift effort has not only revamped the X1 but has also created a sensation among the SUV enthusiasts that some new SUV has arrived. As soon as the new car was unveiled at the New York Show, it started it launch spree and India is among those countries where BMW has largest share in luxury cars sales. 

BMW X1 Pictures

See More BMW X1 Pictures Get BMW X1 Price


In Malaysia, the BMW X1 price has been kept at 238,800 Malaysian Ringgit which is equal to Rs 42.10 lakh. For the India launch, BMW has been testing the car since June and it is now almost ready to be launched anytime. It is believed that after the BME 6 Series Gran Coupe launch on November 6, BMW will be launching the new X1 in the country.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

People like it because this has been offered by luxury brand and its not more than facelift. Why People not going for Captiva, CR-V, Fortuner, Endeavour etc. some of reliable, features rich and specious SUVs?

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