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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

New BMW X5 caught testing

The 2013 BMW X5 has been caught during a testing session in Germany, by a Belgian magazine. If words to be believed, the all new 2013 BMW X5 will have more flowing character lines with unique LED treated headlights, large kidney grilles and sculpted surfaces. The redesigned T-shaped tail lamps give a fresh visual feel.

It has got true masculine and robust look with the side’s concave & convex shapes with 3D layering. According to a popular auto magazine, the X5 will be lighter than its previous version having a self-levelling air suspension, optional active steering and adaptive drive (for adjustable anti-roll bars). These prototypes give the rough ideas for its realistic design and concept.

BMW X5 Pictures

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The sources revealed that the next generation BMW X5 will equip a highly sophisticated 2.0 litre, four cylinder diesel engine powered by Active Hybrid technology. There is a 15 Kw electric motor enhancing the engine combustion with 17hp extra power, result in the best power output of 221hp.

The luggage compartment will be carrying the two parallel vehicle electrical systems, the conventional 12 volt system coupled with AGM starter battery and an optional 120 volt system. The Brake Energy Regeneration system will be there for the battery charging.

It features an aluminium crankcase covered compact generator, instead the regular motor-driven generator. The next generation BMW X5 will be launched in US & Europe in late 2013. The main rival, Mercedes Benz is also planning to buzz the market with the next generation ‘2013 Mercedes Benz GL-Class’ that will heated the market with throat-cutting competition.

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