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Thursday, November 15, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Car launches trigger demand, festive season spirit adds fire to car sales

The whole of India seems to under the spell of festive spirit and the car industry as well as jewelry industry is minting money this season. In addition to this car launches such as the Maruti Alto 800, Mahindra Quanto, new Chevrolet Spark, new Ford Figo and others including Tata Nano Special Edition have literally added wings to the fancies of the car buyers and those who have been dreaming about a car have at last bought one this season. With this, the auto industry in India has come out of the slump to an extent and already the industry gurus are busy revising the growth target this fiscal. The Alto 800 has already crossed 30 k bookings and Quanto is currently enjoying more than 10 k bookings and all these have cumulatively helped the car industry come out of slumber.

Maruti Alto 800 Pictures
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It is for the first time in the last 24 months that the growth rate is so promising and this has really helped car makers revitalize their expansion which they have shelved following almost no demand for the past few months. The greatest trigger to this growth is considered to be the new car launches near Diwali. The best among which is the Alto 800 launch that has literally pulled Maruti out of the predicative negative growth. It is said that if Maruti car sales is down in India, it should be considered that the industry is unwell somewhere. Now that Maruti is cherishing with sales, it is high time that companies too think again about the expansion plans.

Chevrolet Spark Pictures

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Some of the companies such as Peugeot have already decided to wind up things and other car makers such as Volkswagen already is not considering India as a too bullish market. Now is the time for the companies to assess the potential in the market and understand that if India buys cars, it buys aggressively and the sales trend this Diwali has surely proved this right.

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