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Monday, April 23, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Cars at Beijing Motor Show

Beijing Motor Show is currently the most talked about event in the auto industry of the world. Big champions of the car bazaar, like Toyota, Ford etc are unveiling new cars at the show. These car models have been specially designed for the Chinese buyers. The auto giants are eyeing on fetching a huge amount of revenue from China. Ford is quite up for rolling out its new SUV, whereas the Infiniti, which is Japan’s well known automaker would bring its luxurious sedan. On the other hand, electric car could be expected from the collaboration between China’s BYD company and Daimler AG. To lure Chinese consumers, car makers are bringing their global car models and tweaking them according to the riding conditions in China.

According to the president of GM China, Mr. Kevin Wale, the products that are being internationally manufactured today are being made keeping in mind the requirements of Chinese people. General Motors sells its Cadillac sedan in China, which is powered by 2 litre of engine with four cylinder that specifically meets the demands of the local consumers of small engine. It is strange as it is not done anywhere else in the world.


Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Victoria Beckham Photo

The car makers are eying on both the ends of the market. At one hand they are rolling out economic and pocket friendly cars. On the other hand, they are launching high class luxurious cars for the urban Chinese population. He Range Rover Evoque special edition by Jaguar Land Rover co-designed by Victoria Beckham was unveiled as well. This car is accompanied by glossy black forged alloy wheels, mohair and rose gold plated accents.

The total Chinese car sales tumbled down last year as soon as the government constricted the investment and lending policies while the car sales amplified by 2% in the first quarter of this year.


Volkswagen E Bugster Photo

The international car makers managed to hike up their auto sales in the auto bazaar in 2011 by snatching share from the Chinese carmakers like Geely Holding Group and Chery Automobile Co. the sales by VW AG and its Chinese associates increased in the 1st quarter, whereas the sales of Chery’s dripped down by a whopping 22%.

Mr. Kevin Wale also mentioned that this trend will not last for long. The abilities of Japan and Korea shouldn’t be underestimated as they keep the ability to bring in some high class technologically advanced cars into the auto market that will give their rivals a run for their money.

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