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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

New Cars in India to ‘fit’ to the body profile of Indians

If a car is for India, it should be made for India indeed. This is the proposition that the car companies will be following for Asia’s second largest car market- India. Besides this, cars now will be proportionate to the average height of the people of India. This research finding has been shared with some car companies by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and these revelations are hope to shape the future of cars that will be made for India car buyers.  

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Thus, we can expect that now if it is new BMW cars, Ford cars or Mercedes Benz cars for India it will be made for India and will be shaped as per the body profile of Indians. As per sources, the exciting revelation also suggests that people of India are shorter than nationals of North America, Italy, Germany and Australia. The study that took two years to reach at a conclusion will be a landmark in the history of automobile industry in India and will decide the shape of the future cars for India.  

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Industry experts believe that the data is though largely known but was never been officially issued to car companies nevertheless it will be a crucial factor that car companies will take into account before planning a car for India. The cars now will be much shorter in height compared to their same siblings in US or Australia and will have much less headroom as well and the interiors will be shaped as per the body profile of Indians. It will also present better driving pleasure and more safety besides convenience for the Indian car buyer.


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As per the survey the average height of an Indian male is 167.3 cm which is far less than the height of people of Germany, Italy or North America. Whereas the average height of Indian females is 156.2cm which is again less than the average height of females of these countries.

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