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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Chevrolet Captiva SUV launch in March, to be priced slightly higher

The Chevrolet Captiva SUV 2012 edition is nearing its launch. As per sources, the new Captiva is expected to be launched by General Motors in March this year. The facelifted edition of Captiva was unveiled at the New Delhi Auto Expo. The Rs 19 lakh and above SUV closely competes with Honda CR-V and Toyota Fortuner besides others and has created its own space among the SUVs in India since its launch. The 2012 Captiva launch will be strategically aimed at improving GMs premium segment car sales in India. Among other changes, a 2.2L diesel engine that is presently powering Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Optra Magnum will is expected to start its duty under the hood of this GM SUV as well.

Chevrolet Captiva Pictures

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The 2.2 L engine sourced from Cruze sedan has a capacity to produce 184 bhp of power and it will thus despite of being in diesel make it capable of competing with Honda CR-V, the soon to hit Mitsubishi Pajero and new Hyundai Santa Fe that is also nearing a launch. Presently, Toyota is not expected to follow the Completely Knocked Down unit and will continue to import the Captiva as completely built unit till there is sufficient demand for this SUV in India. Also the present version of Captiva is a 2L diesel engine model and with the incoming of the new more powerful Captiva, the American car maker expects a thrust in the sales volumes.

Chevrolet Captiva Pictures

See More Chevrolet Captiva Photos Get Chevrolet Captiva Price

The Chevrolet Captiva price is expected to be a little raised than present and it is expected to take a price starting at Rs 20 lakh. Besides the 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine producing 184 Bhp-424 nm in the new Captiva, it will also have a 6 speed automatic gearbox with all time all wheel drive and full dark black interiors to pose it truly sporty car. Cruise control and electronic Sunroof will be an addition as well.

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