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Thursday, February 23, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Chevrolet Cruze with exceptional diesel engine on its way next year

Long expected and now long awaited, General Motors Chevrolet Cruze is finally about to get a new diesel engine under its styling bonnet. The 2L diesel engine is reportedly undergoing tests before it can be commissioned to power the premium sedan Cruze by Chevrolet. The channelizing of the efforts is in line with Japanese automaker Toyota which is also said to be developing a new technology for engines. The new GM engine is expected to redefine the nature and efficiency of engines. Where it will deliver never before power, it will be highly frugal than any other engine in its class. With the new engine in, Cruze will be able to compete with Toyota Corolla, Skoda Laura and the Honda Civic in a better way.

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As per recent reports, the new engine for Cruze is a product of the joint efforts of the GM engineers in Italy and Michigan who have worked day in and day out to come out with this highly frugal engine. Reports also suggest that the new engine will be drawing similarities with Hybrid engine. The present diesel engine that is in service in the Chevrolet sedan is 148bhp, 1991cc VCDi engine that returns a mileage of over 18 kilometer per litre on the highway and 14 kmpl in the city.

The new diesel engine on the other hand is also a 2L engine but is going through severe tests to make sure that it performs the same way irrespective of the environment and driving conditions. It is reportedly been tested to perform at -40 degree Celsius to as high as 70 degree Celsius. Besides the research engineers have also been very specific about reducing the noise vibration and harshness to a minimum. The diesel engine is expected to revolutionize the way engines performed till now with its exceptional fuel efficiency and power delivery. The new Cruze with the new diesel engine is expected to be launched next year.

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