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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

New Ford Fiesta received 1000 bookings

On 14th July 2011, Ford India rolled out its new Global Fiesta. The all new Ford Fiesta has managed to secure around 1000 bookings over the last 45 days. These official figures were stated by Mr. Michael Boneham, the Managing Director and President of Ford India. The refined sedan is available with a price tag higher as compared to its arch rival Korean brand Hyundai; which comes at a very sensible cost. The pricing announced by Ford India was a huge blow for all of us in attendance there at the occasion. In spite being with a higher price, the new Fiesta has obtained a pretty respectable response from the car buyers according to Mr. Michael Boneham. The American multinational is now targeting to make a strong hold in the midsized division of the domestic car sector.

Ford India is now focusing more on making profits rather than increasing the sales numbers, that’s what comes to one’s mind after the high pricing of the fresh new Fiesta. As a result, with this high costing we cannot anticipate Ford Fiesta to move its sales figures up as compared to its competitors. Looking at the increasing number of sales each month by arch contender Hyundai’s Verna Fluidic, it seems really tricky for Ford to keep up with this.

To serve the booming car sector in India, the company has planned to set-up new constructing and assembly unit at Sanand, Gujrat in the next couple of years. A firm growth is projected in the passenger car section in the upcoming decade. As per Ford, India will perform a crucial function in the Ford’s South-East Asia operations in the approaching years.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

<br />It is a good omen because New Ford Fiesta received 1000 bookings.The mid size sedan enter this year in Indian auto market.The car increasing popularity in India has helped Ford energe as one of the best.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

I knew it, i m one of the them who has booked the Ford Fiesta...!

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