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Monday, November 26, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Ford Fiesta, Toyota Corolla EX launched

The ongoing Guangzhou Auto Show seems to steal the show and will grab the attention of all of auto enthusiasts who have packed their bags for the Los Angeles Auto Show. Putting up some of the best on earth cars, this Chinese Auto Show has become the hub of new car launches. It is here that the new Ford Fiesta that has arrived in a new garb akin to the front of Aston Martin that was previously owned by Ford. It is at this show that Toyota Corolla EX has also been launched. Thus the car show is getting hot and hotter day by day. There are already these and many car launches and there are more to come till December 2 when the show will conclude.  

Ford Fiesta Pictures

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The new styling changes on the Ford Fiesta sedan makes it akin to the Aston Martin car that has wooed the hearts of many. The design clues on the Fiesta new model are obvious repercussions of the period for which Ford had owned Aston Martin since 2007. Just as the front gets a new look, the rear of the new Ford has also undergone changes and it is more sleek and more aerodynamic than the present generation car. In India, it is the present generation car that is on the sale and it is now imminent that the new car will soon hit the dealerships.  
Meanwhile the new Corolla has also set abuzz audience at the Show following its awesome new looks and added features. Notably the Corolla EX is the latest generation car this is its refresh model. The design changes include new headlamps, new chrome grille and bumpers. The rear also gets a tough of perfection with design changes from the front continuing to the end. The new Corolla EX price in India rupees equivalent is Rs 8 lakh. 

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Monday, November 26, 2012

wow amazing that the new Fiesta will come having James Bond cars flavour. It will immense to Ford car lovers that they will proud on their Aston Martin based Fiesta sedan.

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