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Friday, November 30, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Honda Civic unveiled

As soon as Honda launched the 2012 Honda Civic into the global market, the car failed to impress anyone. The car had so many minus points that it ended-up being the most criticized one in Honda’s stable. The major problems in 2012 Honda Civic comprise of its bad choppy ride, awful handling, dicey steering wheel, so much of NVH and drab and cheap material on the interiors. These obviously made 2012 Honda Civic go down on the graph substantially.  With so much of criticism for the car, Honda kept all the points in mind and came up with all new Honda Civic. And we must say that Honda literally took all the censure very seriously.

Honda Civic Photo

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The new Honda Civic has been undoubtedly improved to a great level at least if we compare with 2012 Honda Civic. The car’s handling has been improved and made it to what Honda is actually known for. Even the steering wheel now is up-to-the mark. The standard has certainly been enhanced. However, when you look at the car, it appears to be quite similar to the 2012 Civic model, but when driving, the choppy drive is eliminated. However, on the down side, the NVH is still there, but it has been reduced to a great extent.

Honda Civic Photo

See More Honda Civic Photos Get Honda Civic Price

When you step inside the new Honda Civic, you would not be disappointed this time with the interiors. The company has improved on it as well and made the interiors richer and better. You would find some hints of chrome and a soft dash top, which makes it elegant and sober. The automatic climate control came up as a surprise in EX version and the rear view camera feature is impressive. With these changes and enhancements, the price of about $160 is hiked in all variants.

If Honda had launched this new Civic earlier, it wouldn’t have to face such condemnation.


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Friday, November 30, 2012

The launch of new Honda Civic is well for US. In Indian auto market, Honda should launch the Civic with diesel engine option which is much required.

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