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Thursday, November 29, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

New Land Rover Range Rover get Strut styling, launch tomorrow

Even the best of the cars sometime need some embellishments and a similar thing happened with the Land Rover Range Rover’s new model. The new 2013 model of the car will be launched in India tomorrow (November 30) and that too with an array of styling package that has been specially designed for this big car by Strut. The California based company has spent hours on making this new car look more beautiful and impressive than it already is. Strut is known for its unique tailor made distinctive jewelry and other embellishments of the car.  



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As part of the update, the car will have an array of grille, LED lights and door trims besides all new 22 inch bumpers that make it look fatter than the original model. In addition to this the company has also given an update to the alloy wheels. Those who wish to have something more on the Land Rover will have a choice of wood trims, chrome garnishing and a lot of other add-on styling features. Thus making the car more than a car and rather a storehouse of styling, as termed by some car critics as they feel that the SUV is rugged and imbibing in it some of these features make it feeble or afraid from beating the terrain.
The car will be thus uniquely designed or as it is said it will be individually customized as far as the styling features are concerned as individual buyers can order whatever embellishments they like on the new model of the Land Rover. The attempt by Strut has also been said to make this already luxury car step ahead of luxury and rather enter the domain of super luxury car. The cars will be delivered starting next month and the interested buyers can order the styling features they like.

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