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Monday, March 11, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

New Land Rover Range Rover Sport launch on March 26

Hurray! It’s time to celebrate. It’s time that the car industry must celebrate the soon-to-be entry of Land Rover Range Rover Sport. As per the official announcement by the Tata owned car maker, the new second generation of the Range Rover Sport will be launched on the coming March 26. It is believed that the ultra modern sports utility vehicle will have lots of value additions to it. The new Land Rover car will be officially launched publicly at the upcoming New York Motor Show. It is said that the launch will be able to set much buzz in the market as it will have lots of feature additions compared to the existing generation of the car. As per the critics, the car will be much more urbane than the present more rugged Range Rover Sport.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Photos

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Upgrading this car means that adding much value to the already popular car. The car is one of the best selling car till date and adding new features will make it attain newer height in terms of sales. Recently, a teaser image has appeared that shows the car in a background of some of the famous skyscrapers of New York City. Thus it is sure that the car nears launch and its launch will be at the New York Motor Show. Whereas the car will then be highly awaited in India as well because this country is its parents homeland and a near future launch of the new generation car is highly expected.

Land Rover Range Rover Sport Photos

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The new car will shed some weight and will go lightweight following the use of lightweight architecture and improved material. As per the reports, the car will be around 350 kg lighter than the existing generation car and this much weight reduction is truly amazing. The under the hood department will be as is and the same 260 PS motor, 4.4L V8 and 5L V8 engine options will be there.

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