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Friday, January 06, 2012

By Pranjal Gera

New Mahindra Reva displayed at Auto Expo, launch around Diwali

Finally, the coveted moment has come when Mahindra Reva NXR is displayed at the Auto Expo 2012 held in New Delhi today. With the launch of Mahindra Reva NXR it can be said that the future of electric cars has begun and we can see more and more companies pulling in electric variants or hybrids in India soon. It is to give a new electric means of transport to the people of India. This Auto Expo will be remembered for the launch of Reva NXR by Mahindra Motors just as the last Auto Expo was remembered for the launch of Tata Nano by Tata.


Mahindra Reva Electric Pictures

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India was waiting a new Reva after Mahindra took a stake in Reva Electric Car Company and it was then that everybody thought that something stunning and better is going to come out of the partnership and then Mahindra announced that it will launch the next generation Reva called as Reva NXR.


Mahindra Reva Electric Pictures

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The four door hatchback doesn’t seems cramped even from the outside like the old Reva and one can visually say that even five persons can adjust inside. The Reva NXR too has improved its performance with new improved motor which is more powerful and can take Reva NXR to a top-speed of 104 Km. The single charge run has also gone up and now in one full charge the new Reva can go upto 160 kms. So for those who are looking for a car that can free your monthly budgeting from allotting a big chunk to petrol expenses then this is it, this is it. Besides, charging the Reva takes only 90 minutes and a quick charge of 15 minutes can take you to another 40 kms.

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