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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

New Maruti A-Star to be introduced by next year

Recently, sources have revealed that the car maker Suzuki Motors is in progress of designing the new Maruti Alto (next generation Maruti A-Star for Indian market) which is expected to be introduced by 2013. Earlier, Maruti Suzuki introduced the A-Star in December 2008 in the domestic auto market. There is a buzz that the new A-Star will be much advanced machine in terms of features and drivability which has been designed considering the tough competition in the auto-market.

However, the next generation Hyundai i10, codenamed BA, is also said to be launched in coming two years with a diesel in-line which means that the revamped A-Star and next generation i10 will stand head to head in 2013.

Maruti A-Star Photo

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The Japanese Alto (A-Star) will have two versions, one for the Japanese market and another one for the global market. The manesar facility in India is one of the prime locations for manufacturing Alto and its Nissan Pixo that are sold like hot cakes in the European sub-continent. As per the sources, the Japanese prototype of Maruti A-Star is slightly taller and has got a 660 cc in-line to comply as a Kei car that has got tax rebates.


Maruti A-Star Photo

See More Maruti A-Star Photos Get Maruti A-Star Price


It is speculated that the new A-Star would be a lot more enticing than its current model, both from the exteriors and interiors. Earlier, Maruti A-Star was brought in as the next best successor of Maruti Wagon R. The company marketed this car on large scale as the Hyundai i10 rival, but the i10 came as a better choice for the buyers. However, Maruti Wagon R has been one of the successful cars for the car maker as it has been ruling the hatchback segment for over fifteen years and has also market its significant presence at the international auto market, keeping the price tag consistent.

In additional, the parent company of Maruti Suzuki, Suzuki Motors is going to introduce its G70 concept car a refined model of Regina concept car at the Geneva Motor Show. This car will stand for the carbon dioxide emissions that are 70g/km. Weight of this car would be 730kg and will be at least 10% more calibrate in terms of looks than the A-Star along with better fuel efficiency and lesser carbon dioxide emission. Speculations are that the next generation A-Star would be somewhat similar to the G70 concept car.

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