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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

By Anil Jangid

New Maruti Wagon R launched, price starts at Rs 3.58 lakh, 20.51 kmpl mileage delivery

The one figure under five percent growth in the month of December 2012 has triggered the largest car maker Maruti India to put in an aggressive strategy. In an attempt to boost sales, the car maker has launched the new Maruti Wagon R. This new model price tag starts at Rs 3.58 lakh and market experts believe that this price will invite new sensation in the segment. Most important thing to look for in the new Wagon R is its high mileage delivery. With new improvisations in place, Maruti is able to achieve a mileage delivery of new Maruti Wagon R to 20.51 kmpl. This is considered to be very good mileage from a car that has looks, features and long life.

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Though the new Wagon R is costlier by Rs 10,000, it is more fuel efficient than the outgoing model. It is believed that the new model of this tall boy lookalike car will be able to exceed the over 11k per month sales that it had achieved during April to November 2012. Since the price range is only marginally higher than the earlier model, it will hardly impact sales negatively. Where Maruti has set the model line up to start at Rs 3.58 lakh, the top model ranges at Rs 4.13 lakh. The CNG model of the car has now a price tag of Rs 4.42 lakh.

The new Wagon R is a much improved model than the exiting one and several features have been improved and others are added to the car based on the customer feedback that the car maker has received during the course. In addition to this, the car maker has been able to get higher fuel efficiency by reducing several factors that caused friction. Also, the engine air intake system has been improved considerably, letting the engine to take in air more comfortably and thus the mileage has improved in the process. Furthermore, the gear shift ratios have also been made smoother thus improving the drive. This way with improved mileage and driving comfort, the car will be able to compete well with Hyundai Santro, Hyundai i10 and other cars.


Maruti Wagon R Maruti Wagon R Maruti Wagon R Maruti Wagon R Maruti Wagon R

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