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Monday, September 19, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

New Mercedes Benz E220 Diesel launch soon with lesser price tag

In its desperate run for the top spot, Mercedes-Benz is coming up with several new techniques and launches. According to the sources, Mercedes-Benz is planning of launching a cheaper sedan in the E Class. The sources believe that the company might launch it next month. This certainly seems to be Mercedes Benz's desperate effort of getting back to the top spot of largest luxury car maker in India. This top spot which was held by Mercedes Benz for a long time, was taken away by BMW in 2009. Since then, Mercedes Benz has stayed on the second position and has been making strategies to take its name back to the top. Mercedes-Benz is now planning a series of new cars to target the young segment of people, who are at present preferring BMW over Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes Benz E Class Pictures

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Mercedes-Benz is coming up the E220 CDi which will cheaper than the present entry level E Class. It will be about Rs. 2.2 Lacs cheaper than E250 CDi. Thus, it will be priced around Rs. 40 Lacs ex-showroom price.

The E220 CDI will be powered by the same 4 cylinder diesel engine. But the torque will drop to 400nm @ 1400rpm. However, the question whether Mercedes-Benz would discontinue the E250 CDi Classic, still remains. The company could also think of pricing it competitively rather than discontinuing it.


Mercedes Benz E Class Picture

See More Mercedes Benz E Class Pictures Get Mercedes Benz E Class Price


Mercedes-Benz is looking forward to giving stiff competition to BMW's 5 series, with this new low cost sedan. The German automobile company is definitetly eyeing the top spot with a whole lot of new cars that are expected to increase the sales figures for the company.

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