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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

By Pawan Rana

New Mitsubishi Outlander seven seater at Rs 19.95 lakh

The Japanese car maker Mitsubishi India certainly has come in full force. Recently it had launched the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport and now there are reports that it has launched the seven seater version of Mitsubishi Outlander SUV quietly. The seven seater Outlander price in India is reportedly known to be Rs 19.95 lakh. However, the launch of this seven seater Mitsubishi SUV has caused much anticipation among buyers, it has also indicated that it will take for India to receive the 2013 version of the Outlander that was launched at the Geneva Motor Show recently. Thus, India remains with the same fate, getting only the next to the latest version of Mitsubishi cars.

Mitsubishi Outlander Pictures

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It is expected that the new Outlander 2013 model will be launched in India later this year. For the time being, India will have to contend itself with the seven seater version. This seven seater Outlander is in market worldwide for quite sometime. The new version has also received a price cut and that to the tune of Rs 1 lakh. As per the initial information available, the new Outlander thus available will be called as the LX model. There are also reports that the features will remain the same and only the seating capacity has been enhanced. Basically, the Japanese car maker has introduced the low priced and 7-seater Outlander in order to pull volumes and it seems that it will be able to do so as the price tag of Rs 19.95 lakh for an SUV of this size is worth it.  

As per the seven seater Outlander images and specifications available, the third row seat seems to be cramped and do not look too comfortable for a long journey. However, availability of a seven seater version in itself steps up the prospects of the Mitsubishi SUV sales.

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