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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

By Anil Jangid

New Skoda Octavia: Curtain about to raise

With only couple of days left in unveil of  the new Skoda Octavia in Mumbai on August 9, 2013, the speculations regarding the new adorned features has become the hot topic of discussion among ca lovers. . The news regarding unveil of New Octavia has also been confirmed by the sources Czechoslovakian auto group which said that Dr.  H.C. Winfried Vahland, Chairman, Board of Directors, Skoda Auto group will unveil the new variant of Skoda Octavia among audiences.  

Moving towards the features adorned in new Octavia, it would be interested to know that the new infant integrates wide range of various remarkable and awesome features. The architecture of car is inspired from Volkswagen's Modularer Querbaukastern (MGB) concept, which basically reflects to assimilation of safety measures followed by enhancement of fuel consumption and eliminating chances of other drawbacks. According to sources company has emphasized mainly on enhancing its style and making it more spacious. Apart from it company has also worked on decorating its interiors with indistinguishable ridges supported by plastic of superior quality used for developing an eye catching dashboard. It would be interested to know that with the boot space of 590 litres the new Octavia provides sufficient space to passengers to keep their luggages at an ease. It is also reported that length and width of new Octavia is more than Laura almost by 90mm and 45mm.

The new Skoda Octavia is coming at the time when all car manufacturers are introducing advanced feature in their new variants and Octavia is not an exception to it. The adaptive cruise control, automatic braking system followed by nine airbags, fatigue detection system, lane assistance etc are some notable features that are adorned in new variant.

The speculations regarding performance of Skoda Octavia and its impact on market get flamed with its inception and became the matter of debate among the industry experts. It is rumored that the unveil of new variant in auto market of India will  prove to be a boon for Volkswagen group which basically owes the group. As it is known that due poor performance of Skoda Fabia in hatcback segment of cars, the craze of Indian car owners towards Skoda variants has declined to some extent.

As far as price of new Octavia are concerned not much has been so far disclosed by the manufacturers, but according to industry experts Skoda will introduce some specific pricing strategy for the new variant.  It is reported that the new Octavia will be available in both petrol and diesel segments, the petrol variant will be stuffed with 1.8 litre engine and diesel with 2.0 litre engine. If believed on rumors  it is stated that in the beginning petrol variant will be equipped with 1.4 litre engine which will be later upgraded in 1.8 litre engine.

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