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Thursday, January 10, 2013

By Pawan Rana

New Skoda Octavia to create new standards in the segment

The undoubted success of Skoda Octavia during its first tenure in 2000 is known to all. It is known to all that how well India has received the large space, big looks and powerful engine of the Octavia. Lately, the car was replaced by Skoda Laura which is the renamed version of Octavia. Now that the new Octavia is round the corner, it is believed that it will refresh the craze for this sedan in the country and worldwide wherever it is available. Meanwhile, other Skoda cars such as Skoda Rapid, Skoda Superb are also playing their role in gaining some good sales numbers for the car maker. The Skoda Laura price in India starts at Rs 12.92 lakh and is notable offering in the sedan segment in the country.



As per the reports the new Octavia will be launched in India as the next generation to the Laura and will replace it once it is launched. In addition to it, it is believed that the new Skoda car will have much larger response and it could repeat the success stories it has set in the Indian car market. This car is known for its price value ratio and its large interiors as well as performance. The new Octavia is expected to copy these to the new model and in fact it will add to it in the process. As per the information, the new Octavia is longer, wider than the present generation.

   Skoda Octavia Photos

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The new Octavia has a longer wheelbase and with it comes more space for occupants inside. The new MQB platform has created wonders for this car and the extension in wheelbase has been a boon to the car buyers. The result of the wheelbase expansion has been in the increase of the wheelbase to 590 litres. In addition to it, the overall styling of the car has also been stepped up in order to give it a new look.

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