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Thursday, March 15, 2012

By Shilpa Chopra

New SUV from Skoda is Snowman, Yeti mini SUV in the offing as well

The Czech car maker Skoda India is pressing hard the SUV segment in India. Dissatisfied with only one SUV- Skoda Yeti, the car maker is eagerly doing efforts to launch another crossover named Skoda Snowman. Recently there were updates that Skoda will be coming up with SUVs to fill in the space above and below Yeti. The Skoda Snowman which will be placed above the yeti is expected to be based on Volkswagen Tiguan platform and hence will be much bigger than the Yeti. Another one will be a smaller avatar of Yeti.

Skoda Yeti Pictures

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The VW Tiguan based Skoda SUV Snowman will be ready in two years and it is expected that the launch will follow immediately after it in 2014. It is here that Skoda will be using the Tiguan platform only and rest of the SUV will be designed and given a characteristic Skoda look. Thus, expect a Skoda Rapid like front, sides and Yeti like rear on the Skoda Snowman. The interiors of the Snowman will be much plushier and up market compared to Skoda Yeti and every possible effort will be made to make it more attractive and comfortable than the Yeti.


Skoda Yeti Pictures

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The smaller SUV, perhaps a compact SUV will be developed on a new platform and is expected to inherit a platform from Volkswagen Polo. However compared to Polo, it will be longer, wider and higher. A 2L TDI diesel engine is expected to power this new compact SUV by Skoda. The engine is capable of producing a peak power of 177 bhp and will be more powerful than the present 140 bhp on the Yeti. The new smaller compact Yeti is expected to be ready by 2016 and a Europe launch will precede a launch in India and China as well as other countries.

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