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Friday, March 25, 2016

By Kamal Swami

New York International Motor Show: Nissan unveils GT-R 2017

Japanese car maker Nissan Motors has unveiled the generation next GT-R during the New York International Motor Show and is expected to unveil the same in Indian car market sometimes during the month of September 2016. The super car from car maker debuted ten years back in global market and since then it has succeeded in retaining its charisma among the car enthusiasts across the world with regular updates at all fronts. 
Nissan GT-R Front View
The supercar has been adorned with 3.8 lirtre twin-turbo V6 engine that boosts the power of 565 bhp making it 20 bhp extra than its earlier version, similarly the torque has been also raised up-to 5Nm and now it generates the torque of 633Nm. On the exteriors front fascia receives minute updates in form of newly updated new V-motion chrome garnished front grille, similar to other vehicles of Nissan’s family. Apart from this the cooling system has been enhanced with other features making the supercar much better than its erstwhile version. Moving ahead the front lip spoiler and bumper design has been rejuvenated for enhancing its looks. 
Interior of Nissan GT-R
Inside the cabin you will find Nappa leather seats and covers over the dashboard. The interesting feature however inside the cabin is minimization of functional switches from 27 to 11. The new 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system has been now mounted in the centre console. The seats are now light weighted which is mainly because of new technological methods of production adopted by Nissan. Moving ahead the paddle shifters are integrated on steering wheel making mid-turn gear changing an easy function for driver. Other interesting features offered in this supercar include active noise cancellation and active sound enhancement, along with this integration of acoustic glass will help in sound dampening and minimize wind noise on the interiors. 

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