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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Nissan Datsun cars have South Africa as their next big market

Nissan’s low cost car brand Datsun is soon to check in. Nissan has already decided to invest a lot of money in establishing a new unit for Datsun cars in India. The production will begin by mid next year. Series of car launches will begin late this year as well as next year. The car maker will be producing around 2 lakh cars at its Chennai based plant. Whoosh! So much information. But Nissan does not stop here and now the Japanese car maker has decided to launch Datsun cars in South Africa as well.

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With this now the number of launches for Datsun cars has risen to four. The other three are India, Indonesia and Russia. Thus the Indian plant will be catering to Indonesia and South Africa supplies as well. And this is the reason why Nissan is pumping in so much money and resources in the development of the new plant. It is at this plant that Datsun cars will be resurrected and it is believed that following their low price, these cars can really catch up some quick volumes in no time. Though Indian car buyers has behaved quite erratically compared to the past and contrary to its earlier nature of preference for Maruti cars only it has accepted and established various foreign cars. Renault Duster is one such great example.

As far as the cars that will be unveiled by Nissan, it will be the Datsun K2 which is in fact the stripped down Nissan Micra will be launched this year followed by Datsun Lada Granta launch in Russia. After these there will be a slew of other cars in almost every segment and then it will be quite difficult for other car makers to cope with these car prices as auto industry analysts expect some really impressive price of Datsun cars in India.

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