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Thursday, February 28, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Nissan Datsun cars teaser increases anticipation for this low cost car brand

So 2013 will be known for some of the bestselling car brand introduction year. Where Fiat is about to launch the Jeep and Chrysler brand cars in India, Nissan is also all set to launch its low cost car brand Datsun. Though there have been no images, reports or details about which car the Japanese car maker will be bringing to India under the Datsun umbrella lately, there is a latest teaser that showcases the Datsun brand grille and the headlamp of the first Datsun car in India. Experts believe that it will be the Datsun Lada Granta based car that will be launched first in India and the teaser also seems to confirm the same. Notably, Nissan Datsun brand will be offering low cost cars in the country and thus it is a sure threat to Maruti and Hyundai cars in the country.

Nissan Micra Pictures

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As per the details of the teaser, the front grille of the car housing the DATSUN badge is shown and this seems to be the Russian make of the car. Notably, after the revival of this brand in India, the car maker will be selling it in India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa besides some ever lucrative markets of the world. The Datsun cars are expected to be an instant hit in these markets as Nissan has very good presence already and the trust in brand is going to replicate in the success of Datsun cars. In India the latest product Nissan Evalia has proved be a boon to the car maker besides the success of Nissan Micra and Nissan Sunny.  

Thus one can see that how much India awaits for this cars as it is only a teaser that has set abuzz so much of excitement in the industry. As per the initial information, two Datsun cars – Datsun K2 and Datsun i2 will be available initially. The K2 and i2 both are hatchbacks and are actually the old generation Micra. Later on there will be an expansion of the portfolio in which sedan, SUV and MPVs will enter.

Nissan Micra Pictures  Nissan Micra Steering Wheel Picture Nissan Micra Pictures Nissan Micra Picture  Nissan Micra Headlight Picture

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