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Monday, March 18, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Nissan Evalia ST launched, low priced edition

In order to kick start Nissan Evalia sales in Indonesia, the Japanese car maker has introduced a low price variant. Called as the Nissan Evalia ST, the low price variant lacks some features which though does not impact its performance but make it look different from normal variants. The Nissan Evalia ST price in Indonesia is 155 million Indonesian Rupiah or Rs 8.63 lakh in Indian equivalent currency and this new variant is on sales in the country that is known to be a heaven for MPVs and SUVs. In India the Evalia price starts at Rs 8.49 lakh and this MUV is yet to pick up some good numbers. Recently, the car maker has also floated the lowest EMI Challenge offer in which the car maker is offering the lowest EMI on its cars including Nissan Micra, Nissan Sunny and other cars.  

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This considerably big MPV was hoped to dethrone Toyota Innovo from the top slot in the MUV segment but following one reason or the other, the Evalia lacked any inspiring sales. Even the price gap and very high mileage could not do wonders to the car and it is still to prove its entry in the country. May be it is another victim of a slowdown or may be the car lacks the looks that the MUV buyers is looking for and the ones that it gets on the Innova and not on Evalia. No doubt, Innova is high on build quality, is tried, tested and proven since long and has a considerably family car looks. While the Evalia has a boxy appearance and its super flat rear is not at all matches to the one that Innova has or any traditional MUV has.   

Now that the car giant has launched the low priced edition in Indonesia, it expects some good numbers. But in an attempt to lower the price, the Nissan has literally stripped down the Evalia. It has taken the alloy wheels and replaced them with steel ones. The foglamps are absent on ST. There are no mud guards, no airbags, no ABS, EBD and it neither has Brake Assist features nor the sliding windows.

Nissan Evalia Pictures Nissan Evalia Pictures Nissan Evalia Pictures Nissan Evalia Pictures Nissan Evalia Pictures

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