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Thursday, March 14, 2013

By Manoj Kumawat

Nissan eyes number one Asian car manufacturer position in Europe

Nissan is fast moving ahead in India and it is soon to become the number one Asian car brand in Europe. Thanks to one after the other amazing car launches that has helped the car maker ascend to the top position in some of the countries in Europe. Recently the Japanese car giant has launched the Nissan Note and Nissan Leaf electric cars and its Nissan Micra, Nissan NV200 and besides Nissan XTrail and over 15 passengers cars are selling like anything in the European continent. In February this year, the car manufacturer attained over 7 percent growth in UK while it managed to increase its market share in Europe to 4.2 percent.

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In India, the car maker has floated the lowest EMI challenge in which it proposes to offer the lowest EMI to the Nissan car buyers. In addition to this, the car maker is also about to launch the Datsun cars in India and it is believed that post that it will be able to give a strong fight to the largest car maker Maruti India. It is believed that once the Datsun car comes in, the brand will have a sudden boost in demand for its cars as these cars will be low cost cars and that too in diesel options as well.  

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Meanwhile, Nissan is doing well in most of the parts of Europe where it has positive growth in sales despite of the slowdown currently in progress in Europe. The market share in Denmark and Ukraine has also increased considerably by upto 18 percent and this indicates that the day is not far when the car maker will be able to attain the number one Asian car maker position in Europe. Though experts believe that such ambitions are not sure to be fulfilled when the economy is in a bad shape but the car maker has high faith that it will be able to attain the position despite of all odds. Just as the car maker has transformed the small car segment with Nissan Micra and the sedan segment with Nissan Sunny, the car maker believes that it will be able to sell its cars pretty well in Europe in the future as well.

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