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Monday, April 15, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Nissan offer cars at up to 40 percent lower EMI options

The month of March was a benchmark as far as car sales offers were concerned. It seems that April will be no less inferior than it. In order to give a fresh trigger to the sales of its cars in India, Nissan India has launched a new EMI offer. As per the details, the car maker offers a cut in 40 percent in the EMIs on its cars including Nissan Micra, Nissan Evalia, Nissan Sunny and others. It is believed that this is a direct attempt to bring greater momentum to sales which are on the downside following a low sentiment in the market.

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As per the information, the Japanese car maker has made the repayment of loans easier by offering 40% lower EMI options. This will result in easy finance and it will prompt customers to go the extra mile even if they are short of funds to buy a car. In addition to this, the new EMI scheme will also be driving a lot of customers to Nissan showrooms. In a way, this scheme will be able to introduce Nissan cars to the larger mass. The EMI option will be valid for three years and if the customers makes 34 percent down payment of the car, he will see that the monthly installments will be down by 40 percent.

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Auto industry experts have found this offer attractive and specially when the customer has little cash in hand left after meeting the expenses due to high inflation and other factors. It is believed that this option will let Nissan cars get an instant push in terms of sales even when the overall market sentiment is low and there is little buying going on in the market. The new scheme is available at the all Nissan dealers across the country and it seems that this will help Micra, Sunny and Evalia to get some exciting sales numbers this month.

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