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Friday, March 29, 2013

By Pawan Rana

Nissan showcases NV200 Evalia Mobility Taxi during New York Auto Show

Where at one side, various car manufacturers are busy showcasing the swanky car models during New York Auto Show, Nissan certainly stole the hearts of the spectators by unveiling its NV200 (Evalia) Mobility Taxi. The Nissan NV200 Mobility Taxi is all set to enter into the foray along with the NV200 New York Taxi during the Q4 of the year 2013. This debut will take place through a special program that is being called as the “Taxi of Tomorrow”. A commendable fact about NV200 is that it has been chosen to be the upcoming London Taxi a.k.a Black cab. This specific model also ended up in fetching maximum limelight as this model has been designed by laying a strong emphasis on the needs of specially-abled persons and elder persons. This model can also be considered as an exclusive wheelchair accessible version of the Nissan NV200 Mobility Taxi.

Nissan Evalia Pictures

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Nissan Evalia Pictures

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The Indian cousin of the NV200 called the Nissan Evalia lays a clear emphasis on luring the private buyers but the NV200 aims towards something bigger. In India, the Evalia sales are catching up and it is giving some resistance to the Toyota Innova sales. It aims to be a classic example in the taxi segment. A clear emphasis on enhancing the customer-friendliness, has earned kudos to this model. It is exaggeration to say that this city taxi will prove to no less than a boon for specially-abled persons and also for the old-aged persons.


Nissan Evalia Pictures

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This taxi model has been designed by availing the assistance of the BraunAbility that is a renowned name in the US in the domain of offering wheel chair accessible vehicles. This taxi is equipped with rear entry ramp and also features system to secure the wheelchair that is the first restraint system of its kind in the industry. A taxi driver need not require slogging hard in order to load the passenger. All he has to do is, to fold the seat’s second row, open the rear door, unfold the wheel chair ramp for finally loading the passenger, thereby secure her/him employing the lap and shoulder belts and retract the ramp.

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