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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

By Kamal Swami

Nissan tests pro pilot feature to assist drivers

Nissan Serena Front Low View
With an objective to assist drivers with new driving technology, Japan's second largest car maker Nissan has recently exhibited the working of Pro Pilot feature to be introduced in its upcoming car in future. According to sources of Nissan introduction of this feature will not eliminate the requirement of drivers but with this feature the drivers can rest while driving, whereas the vehicle will move in a single lane and follow the navigation system. It is reported to be first offered in proposed minivan Serena, slated for launch in Japanese car market sometimes during next month.
Pro Pilot Feature
The exhibition of this feature by Japanese car maker has come at the time when recently a car enriched with same feature and manufactured by one of the renowned car maker’s got crashed in an accident.  In the words of Mr. Hideyuki Sakamoto, Executive, Vice-President, Nissan Motors, “These functions are meant to support drivers, and are not meant as self-driving capabilities” which let drivers take their eyes off the road, he said. “These are two very different things.”
Working of Pro Pilot Feature
To operate the feature driver has to push the button mounted on the steering wheel, after activation this feature maintains appropriate distance between the vehicle going ahead of it, without requiring any kind of assistance from driver in form of break or pushing accelerator.  According to Tetsuya Iijima, General Manager, Nissan Motors, car manufacturing companies working on this technology should literate drivers about the functioning of this feature and make them understand the methods which could help in controlling the emergence of accidents. According to him, “Naturally, there are limitations to the system, and our job is to communicate what those limitations are”.

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