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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Nissan to display Nissan Invitation concept at Geneva Motor Show

Nissan Motors has unveiled one of its new concept Nissan Invitation for the world to be showcased at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March. The Invitation is a concept that culminates the characteristics of a small SUV with that of an agile hatchback. The Nissan Invitation could be the model that is planned by Nissan for Europe in 2013. On the other hand some reports suggest that it is the replacement of Nissan Note which is a small car based on Nissan Micra.  

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The unveil of the Nissan Invitation and the subsequent launch of the small car is seen as part of Nissan’s strategy to focus the B-segment which is fast catching up in Europe and is already hot in India. Back home in India, Nissan has only one small car offering which is Nissan Micra. With the unveiling of Nissan Invitation concept it is expected that it will be added to the Nissan India’s stable as well. Notably, Nissan Micra has done exceptionally well in India following its highly attractive diesel offering.  


Nissan At Auto Expo

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Sources also reveal that Nissan will be placing the Invitation and Nissan Note alongside and will be sold in the same segment as that of Nissan Micra. This is expected to give ample choice to the hatchback buyers. In order to make it more lucrative, Nissan is expected to sport a 1L engine in Nissan Invitation which is also the same engine that is used in Nissan Micra in some of the markets across globe. Developed in Japan at Nissan’s headquarter, the Nissan Invitation concept will be tweaked with to make it comply with the European standards with respect to emission and safety norms. Basic features of the Invitation are spacious cabin and exceptionally advanced equipments such as Around View Monitor system that helps in parking besides a Safety Shield System developed by Nissan that keeps the driver informed about the traffic around with certain driving guidelines.

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