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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

By Kriti Gupta

Nissan to offer Intelligent Brake Assist System as standard feature in its cars

It is reported that Japanese car maker Nissan Motors is going to offer Intelligent Brake Assist system as standard feature in its all upcoming cars that would be launched in Japanese car market. It is speculated that car maker may offer the system from this year in its forthcoming car X-Trail Hybrid scheduled for launch during this year. As far as introduction of this system in Nissan’s portfolio existing in Indian car market is concerned it not yet finalized however it is reported that at present car maker is going to make body of Datsun cars more stronger to face any crash.
By making use of laser radar sensor integrated at the front fascia of car the IBA (Intelligent Brake Assist) system keeps strict watch on road conditions and protects the car from  front and rear before it gets smashed to other object. The system automatically applies emergency brakes quite early before driver feels the necessity of applying brakes. By this chances of severe damage are minimized even if you car gets hit by another vehicle or object. The laser sensor tracks the distance left between the object and car keeping the speed of vehicle in concern and sends an alert to driver for applying brakes. Apart from this it also opens pre-crash seat belts and protects the passengers from physical harm in case of any accident.
It is believed that going through the increasing concern about integration of safety offered in vehicles across the world and country car maker has decided to offer this function as standard feature in its cars. As a general practice this feature is mainly offered in high defined vehicles, but now once this system is offered by Japanese car maker other car manufacturers will also get inspired by it and soon we will see all vehicles equipped with this feature.

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