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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Nissan, Toyota mulls over new avenues in alternate power source cars

Mahindra may be in the process of revolutionizing India with its soon to be launched Mahindra Reva E20 electric car but world over the situation is grim. As per the recent revelations, companies such as Nissan and Toyota that have made some promising steps in the field of electric cars seems to have channelized their resources in some other direction. This is primarily following the lack of interest shown by car buyers in purchasing electric cars. Meanwhile, regions such as Asia, North America and Europe have witnessed an increased interest in hydrogen fueled cars. Notably, it is the rise in fuel prices that has somewhat triggered this rise in interest.

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In India, there is already a lack of interest for electric cars basically following two reasons. First, there is no viable offering that can please India car buyers and secondly, it is the lack of needed infrastructure for electric cars. Also, people of India are still to test and see whether electric cars can really be sustainable. The Mahindra Reva did an attempt to show that electric cars are viable in its first tenure and now that it is in its second spell the Mahindra E2O fate is at stake. Experts believe that this time the electric car by Mahindra will succeed as the car has improved a lot and so are the prospects specially when petrol prices are already high and differential pricing of diesel for car is soon to be in place.   
As per the information with Toyota Prius and Nissan Altra getting meek response since their introduction, the car makers seem to have decided not to invest more time and instead go for some new option that will fully meet the more challenging transporting needs of the present hour. With this it is expected that there will be some new alternate fueled cars coming from the stable of these two Japanese car makers.

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