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Friday, March 02, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Now pay more fine for traffic rule violation

The government of India on Thursday approved the proposal of making stiff changes in the Motor Vehicle Act. The decision from the Union Cabinet came following the government’s initiative of making the existing Motor Vehicle Act tougher as well as more effective. The government will now be passing legislation in the Parliament, under which the traffic rule violation penalties will be increased. It is expected that the bill will be reaching Rajya Sabha during the forthcoming budget session.

The government is expecting that the stricter penalties and jail terms will work as a deterrent for the road users to follow traffic rules more sincerely. Which in result, will help in bringing down the number of road casualties and mishaps that has been surging continuously since last few years.

A number of amendments have been proposed by the government of India including levying a penalty of Rs 500 in case of not wearing helmet (for two-wheeler drivers) or not wearing seatbelts (for Four-wheeler drivers). The same penalty will be applicable in case of jumping a red light for the first time. It is to be noted that the penalty will be multiplied if the same violation will be repeated by same offender again. The offence of recklessly speeding the vehicle will be attracting a penalty of Rs 1,000. The offence of using cell-phone while driving will be penalized by Rs 500.

Moreover, the fines and jail sentence for the drunk drivers are likely to be increased up to Rs 5,000 or two-years (as penalized). The offenders of this category will be serving ticket as per the level of alcohol in their blood.

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