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Monday, April 11, 2016

By Manoj Kumawat

Odd-Even Formulae: Second phase to begin from April 2016

After successful implementation of odd-even formulae to control the level of pollution on Delhi roads, state government is going to begin its next phase commencing from April 15, 2016. To make the next phase of this formula more successful as compared to first phase, Delhi Chief Minister, Hon. Mr. Arvind Kejriwal announced new guidelines regarding the exemption of vehicles that will be exempted from the restrictions. According to recent rules women drives and vehicles carrying school and college students in uniform will not come under this rule. Moving ahead chief ministers coming from other states to Delhi for different purposes will also be allowed to drive their vehicles without any restrictions. The duration of this phase will be for fifteen days and will be applicable across the national capital.
Odd-Even Forumla for Delhi Vehicles
Issuing the guidelines for second phase of odd-even traffic scheme Mr. Kejriwal said "Women drivers, CNG-operated vehicles, chief ministers of states and vehicles carrying students in uniform will remain exempted from the restrictions of the second phase of odd-even traffic scheme." However, Hon. Chief Minister also added that Minister of State Legislature including Delhi, Chief Miniseter will have also to strictly follow the odd-even formulae.
Keeping the guidelines issued during the first phase of this formulae following vehicles will be exempted this time also from following the restrictions.
1) Emergency services vehicles, such as ambulances, fire engines, and those belonging to hospitals, prisons, hearses and law enforcement vehicles
2) SPG (Special Protection Group) protectees
3) Vehicles with Defence Ministry number plates
4) Pilot cars
5) Embassy cars
6) Two-wheelers
During the course of fifteen days period cars with odd numbers will be driven on odd and date vice-versa for even numbered cars. The drivers breaking this rule will be penalized with penalty of Rs. 2,000. The timings of driven odd-even vehicles will from 8 A.M to 8.p.m. Along with guidelines Mr. Kejriwal also introduced a helpline number 011-422400400 on which residents of Delhi can clarity their doubts pertaining to odd-even traffic plan. Moving ahead Mr. Kejriwal also added that Delhi Pollution Control Committee will also keep watch on the levels of pollution in atmosphere across the 119 locations in city. 

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