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Monday, February 25, 2013

By Shilpa Chopra

Paracoat launches PCP Care seat customization

If you are the one with some knee or spinal problem but are bound to travel a lot, not to worry now as Paracoat Products Limited (PCP) has come up with a unique seat that can be fitted in cars. This seat can come out of the car so that the person can sit on it and then using hydraulics it renters to its original position in the car. This is certainly a revolution for those who have problem to enter and exit from the car. Also, this new seat is highly comfortable and it can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Besides, being run by hydraulics, it altogether makes commutation easier for patients and old age patients.

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This and more products were showcased by Paracoat Products Limited (PCP) at the International bus and utility vehicle show. The special seat can be fitted on Maruti Eeco and the newly launched Nissan Evalia. But for the conversion the customer need to shell out Rs 4 lakh excluding taxes. Also, the company proposes to deliver the customized car in 8-10 weeks time. Though the price is high but this customization of the car will be a boon for patients and people of old age. It is believed that the company will be able to offer such seating for luxury cars as well in the near future as the demand for such customization will be in the premium car segment as well.   

Another attraction was Mahindra Genio based car called PCP Terra and this car has been specially customized making it a home cum office for those who have to travel a lot and wants to have their office with them always. It can also be used as family home car as it can comfortably house 5-7 people. Notably, PCP is a company that basically deals in noise and vibration reduction components and this is a new venture by the company.

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