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Saturday, March 31, 2012

By Pawan Rana

Petrol price could go up by Rs 4 per litre tomorrow

If you have a new Maruti Swift Dzire petrol and its fuel gauge is around the ‘E’ sign, its time to get up and get it topped up as petrol price may go up from tomorrow. As per reports, the fuel companies taking recourse of the rise in cost of raw materials have demanded an increase of Rs 3 to Rs 4 per litre on petrol. If it happens fuel prices will witness the second highest increase in less than a year. Notably, it is due to the rise in petrol prices that sales of petrol cars of Maruti India and Honda and such others have gone down.

Maruti Swift Dzire Pictures

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With the news coming in that petrol price will increase from April 1 people in large number have queued to get the car tanks full before they have to pay an extra Rs 4 per litre on petrol. As per sources, the oil companies have said that they are still at loss of Rs 7.72 per litre on petrol and if petrol prices are not increased soon, the companies will incur huge losses. Whereas the total loss is of Rs 7.72 per litre, oil companies have demanded only Rs 3 to Rs 4 per litre on petrol. A final decision on the petrol price hike is expected tomorrow.

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It is believed that if the petrol prices shoot up further, it is Maruti India and Honda which will be worse affected as these two companies have most of their offerings in petrol. However, Maruti India has recently shifted its focus on diesel cars and is heavily investing in developing diesel engine unit. Similarly, Honda will also be introducing Honda City diesel and other diesel models of its cars in India soon.

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