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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

By Pranjal Gera

Plastic fuel tank increases new Swift mileage

Maruti Suzuki has lost its track which has resulted in loss of market share and margins and also the car sale percentage has dropped due to the arrivals of many new competitors in the market and also due to the production loss in Manesar. Company has calculated a loss of 3% in market shares last month when the production dropped by almost 16,000 units.

To recover and bounce back from the losses Maruti Suzuki has come up with various ideas for the new Maruti Swift. The new Swift with new dimensions and new remarkable features is set to be launched in august. Apart from this a new Maruti Swift Dzire and a multipurpose vehicle called RIII is also expected to be launched before December.

Analysts believe that the vehicle demand will still not jump until after July and August however the launching of these new models should just do the job of boosting the car sales and up the demands just as the company wants.

Talking about the Maruti Swift which is expected to launch the earliest among these models the company is expected to increase its diesel production. Maruti Swift sells about 10,000 units a month and the coming of new Maruti Swift will see the increase in production of diesel cars.

Around 6-7 Swifts out of 10 sold are of the Diesel variant and the coming of the new Maruti Swift with all new added features should help Maruti’s cause to recover from the lost ground that they had to suffer from these past months in the September quarter itself. Also it is also expected to have a 13% higher fuel efficiency and it is expected to be the most fuel efficient car among hatchbacks.

Swift is also expected to have a much higher impact than the newly released Toyota Liva as the Toyota Etios Liva comes with only a petrol variant and the Maruti Swift comes with both petrol and diesel variant. The new Maruti Swift comes with a very interesting feature that we will be seeing for the first time i.e. the plastic fuel tank. It is expected to reduce the car weight by 25% and also make it fire resistant, corrosion resistant also this new Swift is expected to be slightly longer than the old model.

The length of the car should be able to tackle the problem and increase the back seat space of the car whereas the longer wheel base and the shorter height should increase the steering accuracy. Somehow the changes are not too many and the car is expected to give a similar look as the old one.

However some still fell this might still not be enough for India’s largest auto company to up their sales and some analysts have also projected the sales to be approximately 1.36 million when compared to last year’s projection of 1.44 million.

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