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Friday, May 04, 2012

By Manoj Kumawat

Playboy lists Greatest cars of all time

US’s best-selling men's magazine of lifestyle and entertainment has handpicked adrenaline machines and has released the list of grooviest cars of all time in its latest issue. The testosterone pumping men’s magazine has featured the adrenaline blasting Ferrari GTO on the top of the list. The Magazine that has been tagged to be entirely a lifestyle magazine also regularly features auto industry articles and news. The Porsche 911 has managed to secure the second position on the list.


Playboy Hottest Car Photo

The magazine which is famous among men for igniting their secret fascinations, the magazine gives a special mention to cars in some selected issues such as the latest May issue. Playboy and cars also have a unique association as the Magazine presents a car to the Playmate of the Year every year. Another striking fact about the list of cars compiled by Playboy is that almost all the cars are two seater sports cars and also lists some cars that date back to 1940s.

Chevrolet Camaro Photo

Meanwhile, the playboy list of cars was not well accepted in the auto world as it has some serious issues and there are cars such as Lotus Elan and Plymouth Barracuda that were quite popular but were not included in the list. However, despite of the criticism, Playboy has given a list of 25 greatest cars of all time that are not just adrenaline pumps but with the inclusion in Playboy list these have become more than that. Where the list has the most lush and plush cars including the Aston Martin DB5, it also features the McLaren F1. Mercedes-Benz Gullwing secures a fifth position, BMW 5 series car BMW 507 is listed at the tenth. Small car Volkswagen Beetle needs a special mention as it is perhaps the smallest car on the list. There are at least three cars of Ferrari and Chevrolet each on the list.


Chevrolet MPV Photo

Chevrolet Veloster Photo

Jaguar Photo

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Friday, May 04, 2012

Thx Playboy , can u please pick some Indian cars?

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